Auto Electrician Vehicle Repairs Emerald

Rod's Auto Electrics Emerald  are the
experts in fixing the auto electrical faults
in your vehicle.

Rod's Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning Emerald

Rod& Tracey Vandersee have been in business since 2000. The  business operated from 12 McCosker Street from 2000 till December 2009 until they moved to their current location at 9 Macauley Road Emerald. Rod has been operating in the Emerald district for over 13 years as a local auto electrician, with fully stocked service UTES THAT CAN TRAVEL TO REPAIR YOUR VEHICLE

Rod and  his team have extensive knowledge and  experience in

  • heavy/light vehicles
  • including the  rural and mining sectors in their ever growing demanding  fields in Central Queensland.
  • and have prided themselves on giving good old customer service. Knowing how busy everyone is, they do their best to
  • get jobs out on time
  • and be cost effective
Being a local family run business, they support the local sporting clubs & charities

Repair  & service heavy haulage machinery &light vehicles in the Central Highlands

Rod's Auto Electrics stive to be the best auto electrical air conditioning REPAIRER & SUPPLIER in the Cental Highlands.They achieve this by
  • attention to detail
  • safe working practices
  • flexibilty
  • reliability
  • vast knowledge and experience in parts &repairs.
  • competitiveness in repairs and sales for the familty car, mining, earthmoving, or farm vehicles
  • having ample room for trucks to turn around.
  • offering a LARGE RANGE OF ELECTRICAL PARTS to cover clientele needs.
The auto electrical systems in a vehicle  create smooth driving pleasure-most modern vehicles are run by how successful this system functions. But the reality is that vehicles require maintenance, and electrical  break downs can and do occur- generally after the warranty has expired. Many people fail to take advantage of regular electrical servicing of their vehicles, eventually leading to costly repairs.  A number of malfunctions that occur in a vehicle can often be sourced to the electrical wiring, the fuses, and the electronic computer systems. .

Rod’s Auto Electrics have a team of qualified technicians  who  provide a proven auto electrical service including

  • Identifying electrical faults
  • vehicle servicing
  • vehicle repairs
  • installing most  specialised electrical accessories

We deliver a quality service you can trust. We have  fully stocked utes that can  travel to repair  your vehicles.

Auto Electrician Service Categories


Specialised Auto Electrical Services include :

  • fault location
  • repair
  • maintenance  of:
    • 12 & 24 volt systems – Cars, 4WD and light trucks
    • Alternators
    • Starter motors
    • Batteries
    • On board computer, Electronic Control Units ECU, Engine Management Systems (EMS), Engine Control Systems (ECS)
    • Instrument panels
    • Wiring and looms
    • Fuses, circuit breakers
    • Electric window controls (switches and regulators) and systems
    • lights, globes
    • Electric wiring
    • EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection systems) / Fuel Injection Systems
    • Ignition Module and Ignition Coils
    • most autoelectric repairs including  security systems (non genuine – disconnection only, not installation)

If you do require any of the services that we do not offer, we can  refer you to the name of a specialised repair service should there be one locally.

ROD'S Auto Electrics Central Highlands ( Emerald Clermont Rolleston Middlemount Alpha  Blackwater)  offering repair of all electrical vehicle faults- vehicle batteries, vehicle charging, vehicle air conditioning, - autoelectricians with more than 30 years experience.
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