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Need a Rod's Auto Electrics  Auto Electrician to repair, service or replace the charging problems on your vehicle?

When vehicle won't start- remember

Batteries and charging systems can and do break down.

All vehicles require electrical charge to ensure their  smooth  functioning and peak performance. Electrical charging is influenced by 2 things

  • a working battery
  • and the level of charge reaching the battery being adequate to start the car and to ensure the car performs as it should.

Rod's Autos has a team of professionals who have the specialised training to locate any problems for either of those 2 reasons.

So how does it go wrong?

Vehicle wont kick over for a reason. Warning signs include
  • your vehicle is running out of charge; it's slow to kick over.
  • it's constantly blowing fuses.
  • the battery or charge indicator light is lit up on in the dashboard .

Batteries don't live forever
The cause of a flat or dead battery may just be the battery itself- which involves a simple battery change over. Signs of this include the  battery instrument warning light illuminating. This importance of this warning light needs to be observed

  • either the battery needs to be replaced
  • or the level of charge reaching the battery is faulty

The obvious will then happen- if this is not attended to- your vehicle will stop!

What is a charging system?

The charging system includes the belts, the alternator, the wiring, terminals and connections or the voltage regulator. The charging system generates charge to replenish the charge used from the battery during start up and normal operation. The charge level needs to be adequate, not to under charge or over charge the car’s battery or cause other issues such as to blow fuses.

RODS AUTO ELECTRICS  knows what charging system parts are best for your vehicle - whatever it is. We carry most of the required parts in our shop application from vehicles  to vans.

If your vehicle's charging system is not functioning as it should,  such as the vehicle battery going flat or your headlights grow dim, a professional autoelectricain from Rod's Auto Electrics  can help you out.  Our technicians specialise in auotelectrical faults  with batteries, starting and charging systems.

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