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Need a Rod's Auto Electrics  Auto Electrician to  replace the battery system on your vehicle?

Why won't my vehicle start ?

Batteries in vehicles are often neglected by drivers - mostly due to time pressure and  ignorance as to the importance of  what it is a battery does in the vehicle.Some people just want the vehicle to go and really dont want to know what is happening under the  bonnet. The good news is that modern vehicles don’t get flat batteries as often as older ones, thanks to better calcium-plate batteries and power-management electronics.

The bad news is that batteries still require regular checks- and their peak performance means whether your vehicles starts or not.

Rod’s Auto Electrics Emerald  is the best battery replacement specialist in Emerald and the Central Highlands. We know that the battery in your vehicle requires specialised attention and maintenance. Throughout the life of your vehicle- battery replacement will be required- many times. Our qualified technicians will help you to get back on the road

Batteries are one of the many  parts of the larger  electrical component system in your vehicle and influence  what instrument lights you see on your  dashboard - including warning as well as smooth performance of your  vehicle. If the battery charge warning light comes on- then an autoelectrician needs to see your vehicle. Failure to do this will mean that your vehicle will simply stop.

GOOD TIP 1:            

         When your vehicle starts slowly - don't ignore it and hope it  goes away

The first warning of a battery that is going to create a problem is when you turn on the ignition, and the vehicle starts slowly. It sounds sluggish- or your lights are dim. These are warning signs- and not to be ignored. A dead battery is a problem- particularly if you don’t have jumper leads or you are depending on the RACQ ( for assistance.

If your vehicle won’t start, it may be the battery has insufficient power to turn the engine over fast enough to start your vehicle or no power is getting through.


Make regular inspections of your battery- Clean is what makes it all work like it was intended. Make sure the battery sits correctly on the tray- keep the tray clean. Keep your battery clean from grease dirt and oxidisation. Check  battery connections.

Why doesnt my battery work ? It can be a fault old age or neglect in maintenance of the  battery itself.  The battery is of course part of the larger electrical system in the car. Our experienced autoelectricians at Rod's Autoelectrics Emerald are experienced in locating which component in the larger electrical system of the car requires further investigation - for example the belts, the alternator, the wiring, terminals and connections or the voltage regulator.

Rod's Auto Electrics Emerald  carry an extensive range of batteries and parts.
Our technicians specialise in repairs to  batteries, starting and charging systems.

A vehicle that doesn't start or an instrument panel that is poorly lit, or a charge indicator light or battery light that is flashing a warning, should be checked by one of our professional auto electricican at Rod's Auto Electrics.

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