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Need a Rod's Auto Electrics  Auto Electrician to repair, service or replace the airconditioning unit in your vehicle ?

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Air Conditioning  Fixes &Faults

Rod’s Auto Electrical Emerald is fully equipped to take care of all types of air-conditioning systems including cars, trucks, buses and earthmoving equipment  and is committed to being an environmentally conscious repairer, following strict  environmental guidelines in order to keep our planet as green as possible. Air conditioning fault finding, service, repair and replacement form more than 50% of our client base. Rod’s Auto Electrics is located in an area where the outside temperatures reach in excess of 40C and a smooth functioning vehicle air conditioner is essential in this climate- for work, travel and leisure

As a registered vehicle air conditioner repairer, Rod’s Auto Electrics must follow strict guidelines and repair practices dictated by law and we are steadfast in following prescribed procedures- there are no quick fixes here to keep costs down. We are committed to taking the necessary time to provide an accurate diagnosis of your air conditioning problem and provide a safe, efficient, and economical solution.

General system installation repairs and servicing of most vehicle air conditioning units:

  • Air conditioning installations on car, truck and earthmoving equipment
  • Regular servicing intervals
  • system upgrades
  •  Pre-summer vehicle and fleet servicing

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Air Conditioning Faults

Our autoelectricians  specialise in  vehicle  overheating, batteries, starting and charging systems.

Many customers do not use their vehicle air conditioning during the winter months. Unfortunately, this can cause the internal seals to dry out and result in leaks. Rod’s Auto Electrics Emerald encourage our customers to use their air conditioning throughout the year, for demisting their windows; most air conditioning systems will work even when the heater is on, and come summer the air conditioning unit has not suffered the common fault of seals drying out.

Rod's Auto Electrics  carry an extensive range of cooling system parts  at our showroom . Our autoelectricians  specialise in  vehicle  overheating, batteries, starting and charging systems.

How does a car airconditioner work ?

Car air conditioning diagram Emerald
ROD'S Auto Electrics Central Highlands ( Emerald Clermont Rolleston Middlemount Alpha  Blackwater)  offering repair of all electrical vehicle  faults- vehicle batteries, vehicle charging, vehicle air conditioning, - autoelectricians with more than 30 years experience.
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